Hello Absconders!




Absconding reality is a conceptual photography with fine-arts touch and senses.
Born in early 2012 from a young and fresh head owned by Gita Lesmana as the first principal photographer here.
She loves fantasy and fine-arts photography very much, which continue to become the passion for her to create a really great photography house.
Concept, Fantasy, Dreams, Imaginations, Passion, Love, Dramatical, Care, and Arts, are all included in every single piece of Absconding’s photographs.
And we call every photoshoot as PHOTO-FLIGHT.

Every man has a dream, because reality sucks, sometimes.
Absconding Reality is here, born to reveal your deep imaginations and transform them into photographs.
Are you ready to escape from your reality?

Once in a lifetime.



To fly people away far from their reality, playing with fine arts and realize how beautiful it is to have a dream.


100% fine art fantasy

Not only the beauty of you, we add some magical and fantasy chemistry in every single shots to portray your fantasy.


Special Season Greetings

Express your greetings on special days like Christmas, Eid, Halloween, etc to all your fans.


Conceptual Porto

We never make random shots. Every shots are taken with concept and passion.


Run From Reality

Yeah, reality can really sucks sometimes, so let’s escape from it for a while!


You are The One and Only

We know that you’re very special and one of a kind, so your photo concept is yours only.

Let the magic sparkle around you, absconders!